Monday, December 21, 2009

Osho's Birthday Celebrations

Silent meditation moments with friends (Sudhir and Aditya), celebrating Osho's birthday, 11th December'09, at Osho Dham, New Delhi...

love, AA..



Spirituality is not a form of practice but a state of being. Sure it can be termed as a path or a journey, which is very individual, a journey which is, not outward but inward, leading one to realize or to know oneself to the fullest. It is that state of being where all duality is dropped i.e. love-hate, good-bad, day-night etc don’t seem to be opposites any more, but now sensed as the two sides of the same coin, which usually we only get to see one at a time. A spiritual person will able to see the hidden happiness in today’s sorrow and the potential sorrow in the current happiness, hence is unfazed by the extremities that he faces in day to day life.

Spirituality is living in the NOW and HERE. There is nowhere to go there is no there is no other time to “seek”, but here in this current moment. The power of NOW. Usually we are lost either cribbing about our past or lost in the future on how the coming time will shape, but totally miss this great moment of NOW. Spirituality holds us in the current moment, while the process of realization starts to work upon an individual gradually. Diving deep within, in deep meditation, just being a “watcher” and not doer of things brings one closer to one’s real self. Alternate Lifestyle and Spirituality cuts across all castes, creed and Religion and unites people, religions, nations...everything becomes seamless. At this point the “watcher” is alert very alert and “watched” becomes silent more silent. Silence is the essence of meditation, only in silence does Spirituality flowers, providing the eternal bliss and blossoming.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Thus Spake OSHO....

Osho selecting His next set of books......
Osho's personal library at Poona...


Osho’s dental sessions at Oregon brought in light three of his masterpiece books – “Books I have loved”, “Glimpses of a golden childhood” and “Notes of a mad man”. “Books I have loved”, clearly indicates the enormous power of the master’s intelligence, memory and radical analytical rationale. Osho chooses just 150 books out the one hundred and fifty thousand books that master had read, perhaps more than anyone in the history of mankind. This book is enough for me to choose my future book titles. This book is a ready reference guide for anyone who is a book worm and has quest for reading different or unique genres of publishing. It is very interesting to know the criterion that Osho chooses to either select a book or not to include any one in this list. He did it all for us. BOOK READING MADE EASY.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

In dance with Buddha

A few silent moments with self, in arms of The Buddha at Oshodham, Nazafgarh near Delhi

A recent visit to Oshodham

A few moments with Swami Atul Anand (left), Founder of Osho World, New Delhi

Thursday, October 11, 2007


You bet! One look at this picture sends you in a tizzy. Remember, William Blakes master piece "Tiger Tiger burning bright..."

I recommend this picture to Tantriks and Sadhaks, who perform the TRATAK Technique of concentration and meditation, would they need any better MAZE to GAZE at.

Its not a true picture, but an interpretation of an animator. Thanx Vinod for this favour.

Thats what I call MASTER('S) PERFECTION!!!


Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Spend a few moments with yourself...