Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OSHO's real life stone statue

It was my personal dream to have an Osho statue created. Not a sculptor myself, I requested my sculptor cum Film maker friend, Mr. Amlan Ghosh, to get this done for me. Putting in his personal time despite his hectic schedule and a lot of hard work, without any commercial interest, he made this dream into a reality, and there stands this real life statue of the master right at the entry into our living room, sitting on thick tree bark! My ode to Amlan, for this terrific and unconditional work and a personal favour towards me. Have put a few shots, on how does the statue looks like. Hope u like it!!!




SS said...

beautiful sculpture, i appreciate ur passion & love with osho. pls. provide the contact no. of mr. amlan ghosh if possible


DR. S.P.Singh said...

Hi swami ji love love & love nothing else than love.As you have written never born never died always around I have written one of osho's hindi quotationon on my desk top " Tumahri baat maine samjhi laikin tum bhi meri baat samjho main tumahrai saath hoon tum soai ho tabh bhi saath hoon"
Why to worry if your guru is with you day & night.Just celebrate that you are selected by OSHO we have no capacity to be a his follower, he has choosen us
Swami ji see my blogalso
Thanks with love & light

gv7 said...

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In love for osho,

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Anonymous said...


what i feel is osho was against all this

i think u missed the point.