Thursday, October 11, 2007


You bet! One look at this picture sends you in a tizzy. Remember, William Blakes master piece "Tiger Tiger burning bright..."

I recommend this picture to Tantriks and Sadhaks, who perform the TRATAK Technique of concentration and meditation, would they need any better MAZE to GAZE at.

Its not a true picture, but an interpretation of an animator. Thanx Vinod for this favour.

Thats what I call MASTER('S) PERFECTION!!!



chamki said...

What's the use of this fake picture when you can have the real one? i don't get it!

shiva said...

i like the photo and i was really attracted towards it.
first look in the photo was telling painter is very good.. should be a deep meditator...


Anonymous said...

You have titled your blog as " dedicated to the only man in global history who mastered the art of inspiring, loving and transforming..."

How can you say ONLY MAN, read the world history, christianity, theosophy, vedas, islam, sikhism, buddhism, jainism........there have been MANY MEN who have inspired, loved and transformed...