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Osho narrates his Past Lives

Cycles of life and death - Different beliefs
There are six great religions in the world. They can be divided into two categories: one consists of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They believe in only one life. You are just between birth and death, there is nothing beyond birth and death—life is all. Although they believe in heaven and hell and God, they are the earnings from one life, a single life. The other category consists of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. They believe in the theory of reincarnation. One is born again and again, eternally—unless one becomes enlightened, and then the wheel stops.

I have meditated; I have come to a point where I can see my own past lives, and that's proof enough. It is my knowing, my experiencing; it is nothing to do with Indian heritage, beliefs, or anything. I speak on my own authority.

I began as an intellectual—not only in this life but in many lives. My whole work in many lives has been concerned with the intellect—refining the intellect, sharpening the intellect.

Osho and Bodhidharma - 14 centuries ago
I knew Bodhidharma* personally. I traveled with the man for at least three months. He loved me just as I loved him. You will be curious to know why he loved me. He loved me because I never asked him any question. He said to me, "You are the first person I have met who does not ask a question—and I only get bored with all the questions. You are the only person who does not bore me."

I said, "There is a reason."

He said, "What is that?"

I said, "I only answer. I never question. If you have any question you can ask me. If you don't have a question then keep your mouth shut."

We both laughed, because we both belonged to the same category of insanity. He asked me to continue the journey with him, but I said, "Excuse me, I have to go my own way, and from this point it separates from yours."

He could not believe it. He had never invited anyone before. This was the man who had even refused Emperor Wu—the greatest emperor of those days, with the greatest empire—as if he was a beggar. Bodhidharma could not believe his eyes, that I could refuse him.

I said, "Now you know how it feels to be refused. I wanted to give you a taste of it. Goodbye." But that was fourteen centuries ago. glimps06

*Note: Bodhidharma: the mystic who brought Buddhism from India to China

Osho's past life body is still preserved in a Tibetian cave, read on
Some time ago Lama Karmapa had said something about me…* Karmapa had said that my one body from some past birth is preserved in a cave in Tibet. Ninety-nine bodies are preserved there, among them one body is mine, that was said by Karmapa.

In Tibet they have tried for thousands of years to preserve the bodies in which some extraordinary things happened. They have preserved such bodies as an experimentation. Because such events do not happen again and again, and do not happen so easily. After thousands of years, once in a while such things happen. For instance, someone's third eye opened and along with it, it broke a hole in the bone where the third eye exists. Such an event takes place sometimes once in hundreds of thousands of years. The third eye opens in so many people but this hole does not happen to everybody. When this hole happens, the reason behind it is that in that case the third eye has opened with tremendous force. Such skulls or such a body is then preserved by them.

For instance, someone's sex energy, the basic energy, arose with such force that it broke a hole in the crown of his head and merges into the cosmos. Such a thing happens only once in a while. Many people merge into the universal reality, but the energy filters through so slowly, and with such intervals, that the energy simply seeps in small measures, and a hole is not created. Once in a while, it happens with such sudden intensity that, breaking the skull, the entire energy merges into the cosmos. So they preserve that body. This way, until now they have done the greatest experiment in the history of mankind. They have preserved ninety-nine bodies. So Karmapa had said that among those ninety-nine bodies a body of mine is also preserved….

It is the ninety-seventh body, but if it is counted from the opposite side, it can be the third one.

*Note: Swami Govind Siddharth, one of Osho's disciples, reported that on 6 June 1972 Karmapa told him, "Osho is the greatest incarnation since Buddha in India, and is a living Buddha!" and "Now in this life, Osho has taken birth specially in order to help people spiritually—only for this purpose. He has taken birth fully consciously."

Osh's last birth - 700 years ago
Karmapa was very excited and indicated a close association with Osho in past life. Osho's last birth is said to have occurred about 700 years ago. Karmapa was referring "to one birth before that". Osho was one of their great incarnations two births ago. "If you want to see one of Osho's past incarnations, you can go to Tibet and see his golden statue there which is preserved in the Hall of Incarnations." Asked of whom Osho is an incarnation, he replied, "Now, that is a secret. Unless someone is the head of one of our monasteries, we do not disclose whose incarnation he is."

"My blessings are always there, and I know that whatever we Tibetans are not going to be able to do to help others, Osho will do. "Osho is the only person able to do this, he took birth in India specially. You are very very fortunate to have him. He is the only divine incarnation living today who will be a world teacher." And "The world will know him but only a few people will realize what he actually is. He will be the only person who can guide properly, and can be a world teacher in this age, and he has taken birth only for this purpose."

You ask me: Please would you say something about your last life, and if you were born in Your present life fully realized.

My previous birth took place about seven hundred years ago….

3 days before attaining full knowledge, Osho was stabbed, in the previous birth
It can be said that I was born with nearabout full knowledge. I say nearabout only because some steps have been left out deliberately, and deliberately that can be done.

In this connection, the Jaina thinking is very scientific.* They have divided knowledge into fourteen steps. Thirteen steps are in this world and the fourteenth is in the beyond….

After a certain stage of development, for example, after the attainment of twelve steps, the length of time that it takes to achieve the remaining steps can be stretched out. They can be attained either in one birth, two births or in three births. Great use can be made of postponement.

After the attainment of full realization there is no further possibility of taking birth more than one time more. Such an enlightened one is not likely to cooperate or be helpful for more than one additional birth. But after reaching twelve steps, if two can be set aside, then such a person can be useful for many births more. And the possibility is there to set them aside.

On reaching the twelfth step, the journey has nearabout come to an end. I say nearabout: that means that all walls have collapsed; only a transparent curtain remains through which everything can be seen. However the curtain is there. After lifting it, there is no difficulty in going beyond. After going beyond the curtain, whatsoever you are ordinarily able to see can be seen from the other side of the curtain also. There is no difference at all.

So this is why I say nearabout: by taking one step more, one can go beyond the curtain. But then there is a possibility of only one more birth, while if one remains on this side of the curtain one can take as many births as one wants. After crossing into the beyond, there is no way of coming back more than once to this side of the curtain….

Seven hundred years ago, in my previous life, there was a spiritual practice of twenty-one days, to be done before death. I was to give up my body after a total fast of twenty-one days. There were reasons for this, but I could not complete those twenty-one days. Three days remained. Those three days I had to complete in this life. This life is a continuation from there. The intervening period does not have any meaning in this respect. When only three days remained in that life, I was killed. Twenty-one days could not be completed because I was killed just three days before, and those three days were omitted….

The person who killed me had no enmity with me, though he was taken to be and was treated as, an enemy. That killing became valuable….

Even after enlightenment, can the Master take another birth
Now I can take still another birth. There is now a possibility of one more birth. But that will depend on whether I feel that it will be useful. During this whole life I shall go on striving to see whether one more birth will be of some use. Then it is worthwhile taking birth; otherwise the matter is over and it is no use making any more effort. So that killing was valuable and useful….

In the last moments of my previous life, the remaining work could have been done in only three days because time was very compact. My age was one hundred and six years. Time was moving very fast. The story of those three days continued in my childhood of this birth. In my previous life it was at its end, but to finish that work here in this life took twenty-one years.

Many a time, if the opportunity is missed, it may be necessary to spend as many as seven years for every single day. So in this life I did not come with full realization, but came with nearabout full realization…. known02

*Note: known02 and known03 explain in detail Jaina and Buddhist understanding of past lives in relation to enlightened masters. It is too complex to include here.

Getting to know our past lives
What little I have told you about my previous life is not because it has any value or that you may know something about me. I have told you this only because it may make you reflect about yourselves and set you in search of your past lives. The moment you know your past lives, there will be a spiritual revolution and evolution. Then you will start from where you had left off in your last life; otherwise you will get lost in endless lives and reach nowhere. There will only be a repetition.

There has to be a link, a communication, between this life and the previous one. Whatsoever you had achieved in your previous life should come to be known, and you should have the capacity to take the next step forwards….

Nowadays the difficulty is this: it is not very difficult to make you remember your previous births, but the thing called courage has been lost. It is possible to make you remember your previous births only if you have achieved the capacity to remain undisturbed in the midst of the very difficult memories of this life. Otherwise it is not possible….

When no memory of this life can be a cause of anxiety to you, only then can you be led into the memories of past lives. Otherwise those memories may become great traumas for you, and the door to such traumas cannot be opened unless you have the capacity and worthiness to face them. known02

Do you hear me? Do you see me? I stand at the door and knock, and I knock because of a promise made in another life and another age. teacup06

This was my assurance given to many friends in the previous life: that when truth is attained, I will inform them. letter03



Anonymous said...

dear blogger,
you dont know ,i rad many books of osho and his lession but i missed this past life topic to reads. thanks for giving this information to me.

Anonymous said...

dear blogger,
you dont know ,i rad many books of osho and his lession but i missed this past life topic to reads. thanks for giving this information to me.

Anonymous said...

To dissolve Osho in our self it is necessary to forget him. It leaves you to live in his impressions. In his own world created by him.....

The only testimony for Osho's work is to dig them out within you. Experience it with fully awaken state.....

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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sir yes it is undoubtedly true that my last birth was of lama but now my last birth was of osho and now i am back again for the perfect revolution>>>>>>>>>>

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Joke is a serious matter . . hahahaa

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Ashok Pillai said...

Could you tell me if osho has ever shared "how to access our previous lives'. I want to do so, but i don't know if his technique on how to access previous lives was ever documented in any books. Kindly advise.


ABHAY said...

thank you so much for sharing this valuble imformation
could you please tell us about the book from where you got this?

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hi everyone!
i have read osho since childhood and am greatful for his profound insight given on allmost all the topics that we have to face in day to day life. what i can not understand is if osho has been with bodhidharma 14 centuries ago and if he has been one of the tibet's greatest illumined soul then why he said that 700 years ago he was murdered 3 days before attaining the truth. does that mean he was not enlightened before his recent birth. this doubt is in my mind and please dont take me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone!
i have read osho since childhood and am greatful for his profound insight given on allmost all the topics that we have to face in day to day life. what i can not understand is if osho has been with bodhidharma 14 centuries ago and if he has been one of the tibet's greatest illumined soul then why he said that 700 years ago he was murdered 3 days before attaining the truth. does that mean he was not enlightened before his recent birth. this doubt is in my mind and please dont take me otherwise.

senthi said...

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lots of love for you and your work

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Rama said...

Anonymous: yes. you are correct. he is enlightened in this life only. he mentioned, it took 21 years in this life which would have happened in those 3 of his last life.

Amit Bindal said...

Great Post...I just wish to ask the following: Why is it that the contemporary Osho-lovers, even people in the Commune, really do not want to even discuss, forget practicing, past life meditations. Curiously, in the Multiversity on there is never a session on Past life. Despite the immense emphasis of Osho on the same (Like he discussed Tibetan "Baardo" or Mahavir's "Jaati Smaran" et al....What could be the reason for this conspicuous but unexplainable reality especially when PLR (Past Life Regression) has become a marketable commodity today. So the REAL philosophy is all the more in need...

osho4life said...

13 stage and beyond is 14th stage you know in the pyramid thats on the 1 dolar got 13 stages and 14th is eye beyond for that 14th enlightement also , which issymbol of illuminati

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Haveesh Sd said...

It is not good for any one to dig their past life' don't make any such attempts.once osho gave the technique to a lady as she forced him.she practicedo it and open the door of her past life and came to know that she is a she can not with stand the pain she went to osho and begged him.osho took her in to deep state of hypnotism and made her to forget it in seven sitting of hypnotism. Even after that osho said if at all she remembers her past again know on can save don't make such innocent attempts by just reading an article.

Haveesh Sd said...

See the reply that I gave to Ashok pillai.

Haveesh Sd said...

See the reply that I gave to Ashok pillai.

Om Tat Sat said...

Okay in case any has sufficient courage and patience, please follow these steps for remembering the past life.
Don't worry this method has inbuilt method to protect you as only the one pointed will achieve. Also its not a sudden method. Its gradual.This is an effective method and please don't under value this as its on open source given free.

When you go to sleep and from the point when your head hits the pillow remember the events of that day from back. Actually try and remember along with emotions so that you relive that moment. It should run like a slow motion movie inside. I am giving you hints so that you can catch the knack of this technique

on the first day try and remember at most. Like if you go to sleep at 10.30 remember from 10.25 backwards going back, back, back, back till the point you woke up. Most of us would have dozed off to sleep by the time we came to 10.00 PM

Over the period of 48 days you will be able to achieve a lot. When you have got the capacity to cover a full day, then try and move beyond.

At some point of time say 90 to 135 days you will see two to three important things
1. You will remember moments in a day which you have not been conscious of. Eg a dog would have barked, which your mind recorded but you did not consciously know
2. The smell also comes along with experience. Like u drank soup, u can smell the aroma.
These are indications that you are on the path

Once you get tuned you can reach the day when you are born. That is a key point when your primal sound comes. After that you can slip in the previous birth and the ones before that

The foot notes
1. If you do for 9 days and take a break, then on the 11th day, you will be again on day 1 and so till the time you come to the primal day. After that the method will serve you

2. The real barrier for any one is to rewind for the whole day. The day you complete the one day rewind, you have achieved a crystallization. Then your progress is geometrical. Actually that becomes the real start date. The rest was a prep

3.Time to come to actually sensing smell is a key reality check. It can take 3 months to 5 months from the time you have rewound a whole day

4. One of the greatest realizations any one walking on this technique will be knowing that he or she has been sleepwalking during the day. So if one is sincere, they will recognize this and be more conscious of waking time during day

5.So you become a double edged sword working on both the night and day.

6. The quality of sleep will change then dreams will stop

The final frontier

Try and remember the sleep after you wake up. That's the real punch. if you can remember sleep you have become a three edged sword.

This method works with out a master. Its dependent on the user and his commitment. So the method grows with you. Its like a cycle. If you don't peddle it wont move. Its a slow and steady method.
Only one important thing is you should go back in a day from the last event to first. If you do from front to back then you don't rewind and it becomes a waste

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